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Rubber Roof Installers

KSL Roofing and Remodeling has a highly skilled rubber roofing team with decades of experience in rubber roof installation. We have installed and replaced thousands of roofs in Greensburg, Latrobe, Irwin, Jeannette, New Alexandria, Gibsonia, North Huntingdon, White Oak, and the surrounding areas throughout Western, Central, and Eastern Pennsylvania. Whether you need rubber roof installers for your home, business or church, we’re your go-to experts! Our certified and expert rubber roofing installers are professional, honest, experienced and reliable.

What are the benefits of an Asphalt Roof Installation?

Rubber roofing is an excellent choice for flat or slightly sloped roofs. Rubber roofing, also known as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) roofing, uses materials made from a blend of recycled tires, sawdust and slate dust.

Although there are many benefits to rubber roofing, one of the biggest is low maintenance, as well as:

  • Rubber Roofing Is Affordable

    • One of the biggest benefits of rubber roofing is it’s lower cost to purchase and install compared to other roofing materials/systems. Rubber roofing systems are lightweight and easy to install, which reduces labor and installation costs – savings passed on to you!
  • Rubber Roofing Has A Long Life-Span

    • Most rubber roofs are laid down in single, long layers. This gives fewer seams and in return, lowers the risk of having leaks or water damage. Plus, modern rubber roofing materials are UV resistant and can withstand high winds, as well as hail up to 3 inches in diameter. A properly installed and care for rubber roof can last as long as 30 years.
  • Rubber Roofing Requires Low Maintenance

    • A rubber roof requires minimal maintenance, and if it does develop a leak or requires a repair, it is usually simple and cheap to fix. In most cases, you’ll only need some liquid rubber or a special repair tape to do the job. Typically, the most anyone has to do as far as maintenance is paint your rubber roof with an acrylic paint it every 10 years or so.
  • Rubber Roofing Has Enhanced Energy Efficiency
    • Rubber roofs help to regulate heating and cooling by either trapping the heat in or reflecting the sun’s rays out. EPDM roofs help to insulate your business or home by reducing heat loss, while light-colored rubber roofs reflect the sun’s excessive heat, which helps in keeping your business or home cooler during the summer months or in hot climates. This in return lowers air conditioning costs.
  • Rubber Roofs are Fire Resistant
    • Rubber roofs have an ability to resist fire, and some insurance companies will offer a discount to have a rubber roof installed.
  • Rubber Roofs Are Environmentally Friendly
    • EPDM roofs are made from recyclable materials, making them one of the most eco-friendly roofing options. AND… they’re 100% recyclable at the end of their life-span.

Do you have rubber roof damage?

If you have hail storm damage, wind storm damage or general damage to your rubber roof, you may be covered by your insurance company. KSL Roofing and Remodeling will work with your insurance company to help you get the new roof, siding, windows, gutters and more, all while being covered and paid by your insurance company.

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